Executive Benefit Programs

Your company’s most important asset is its key talent.  Finding ways to reward, retain, and recruit key executives is an ongoing challenge.  We can provide you with a number of  executive solutions in the following areas:


Ř      Non-qualified Deferred Compensation Plans


Ř      Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERP)

                                        www. PlanaSERP.com

Ř      Group Term Carve-out Programs


Ř      Long Term Care Programs


Ř      Supplemental Disability Plans


Ř      Compensation Consulting


Our centralized support gives us the tools and resources needed to guide you through the design, implementation, funding analysis, and ongoing administration of your executive benefit program.  We have leveraged our access to an institutional purchasing power to develop key relationships with product manufacturers so we can influence the design of unique products to meet your needs.


Because of our broad understanding of the corporate benefit planning process, we are able to position ourselves as a valuable resource to you and your company.  We bring a collection of problem-solving skills, ideas, industry experience, and technological resources to manage your business risks and help you define your organization’s needs and expectations.  We continuously measure performance according to these standards.


We offer Actuarially Certified, Auditor Ready Accrual & Benefit Reports for the current year and long term projections.  These reports can be prepared for plans informally funded with non-insured products as well as insured products for unfunded plans.