Qualified Pension Plans


Retirement planning can be a high priority for Americans.  Unfortunately, Americaís Social Security system falls short of adequately meeting its original retirement benefit objective.   The financial pressures of the 90ís, inflation, and administrative costs have greatly diminished the likelihood of an employer-provided pension plan; however, most employees still depend on their employer for solutions to retirement planning.


Benefit Service Company is a professional organization dedicated to assisting employers in efficient plan design and support services.  We provide the expertise needed for an objective appraisal of your retirement needs.


By allowing Benefit Service Company to assist you with your retirement plan, we can help you with:


        Plan Design

        Funding Alternatives

        Effective Employee Communication

        Plan Administration

        Vendor Selection

Plan Design

Every employer is unique and each requires a plan design customized for its population, turnover rate, retirement benefit goals, etc.  Benefit Service Company will review your current retirement package and recommend a state-of-the-art plan design.



We will help you clearly communicate your retirement program and its benefits so that your employees understand, appreciate, and take full advantage of this valuable benefit.




The experienced Account and Service Representatives of Benefit Service Company will provide employees with education assistance enabling them to make prudent financial decisions.


Vendor Selection


We will assist in evaluating vendors for the investment, administration, and documentation responsibilities of your plan.  This includes request for proposal (RFP) specifications, analysis of proposals, interviewing finalists, and coordinating implementation.