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CNN Financial

"CNNfn Interactive" is the interactive on-line service operated by the financial branch of Cable News Network, Inc. ("CNN") on the World Wide Web of the Internet, consisting of information services and content provided by CNN, affiliates of CNN and other third parties.

Investors Business Daily

Investors Business Daily Newspaper

Certified Financial Planner

Established by the CFP Board in 1990, the International CFP Council is an international forum for financial planning organizations seeking to advance the profession of personal financial planning worldwide.


The EDGAR SEC Filings Library. EDGAR Online is the source for today`s up-to-the-minute SEC electronic corporate filings and related business intelligence tools.

International Association of Financial Planners

Financial planning resource center sponsored by the International Association of Financial Planners

Dun and Bradstreet

Dun and Bradstreet Online

Bloomberg. Financial

Bloomberg. Financial research services.

Jump$tart Coalition

The Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy seeks to improve the personal financial literacy of young adults.

American Association of Retired Persons

AARP`s Webplace with four major sections: "Getting Answers", "Connections", "Who We Are", and "Where We Stand."

Health Care Financing Administration

Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA), the federal agency that administers the Medicare, Medicaid and Child Health Insurance Programs.


Healthfinder is a free gateway to reliable consumer health and human services information developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Mediconsult is a Consumer Health Marketing company specializing in using Internet tools to improve health outcomes and business performance. We are completely independent of any hospital, drug company, HMO, hospital, or other health care organization.

Internal Revenue Service

Internal Revenue Service forms online.

Library Of Congress

The Library Of Congress

Bankrate, an online publication of Intelligent Life, Corp., provides online consumers with financial data, research and editorial information on non-investment financial products.

Consumer World

Consumer World is a public service, non-commercial site which has gathered over 1800 of the most useful consumer resources on the Internet, and categorized them here for easy access.

Federal Trade Commission

The Federal Trade Commission enforces a variety of federal antitrust and consumer protection laws. The Commission seeks to ensure that the nation`s markets function competitively, and are vigorous, efficient, and free of undue restrictions.

Securities Exchange Commission

Social Security Admistration

Social Security Admistration Online

The Whitehouse

The Whitehouse



USA Today

USA Today Newspaper


Online weather website

Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal Online


MSNBC Website

College Board Online


FinAid was established in the fall of 1994 as a public service. This award-winning site has grown into the most comprehensive annotated collection of information about student financial aid on the web.

The School Report

Get an online report of how well your school is doing.


Altavista search engine


The Lycos Search Engine


Yahoo search engine


IT2000. The national bulletin board for Y2K information

Year 2000 Information Center

The Year 2000 Information Center provides a forum for disseminating information about the year 2000 problem, also called the Millennium Bug, and for the discussion of possible solutions.


Expedia. Book a flight. Reserve a room. Rent a car.

Professional Golfers Association

The Professional Golfers Association Website.

Professional Golfers Association Tour

Official site of the PGA Tour


The Dilbert comic strip.